09 January, 2012

mainline loving

I've been a fan of various southern architects for quite some time. My love of William Poole, D. Stanley Dixon and other fabulous Atlanta architects has filled my laptop pictures library to the brim. But, a friend's recent foray into building a new home has rekindled my love for a totally different style of architectural look. I've always had a soft spot for that look that I identify with the Bucks County region -- beautiful stonework homes with traditional designs, fabulous porticos, amazingly detailed exterior millwork, and handsome copper gutters. No one architect captures these qualities in a home more amazingly than my recent discovery of McIntyre-Capron & Associates. Every image takes my breath away. Now, I realize this style isn't for everyone or for every neighborhood. Many of these homes call for vast rolling green spaces, with preferably a foal or fillie or two. But, my appreciation for their designs, attention to detail and what they refer to on their website as "Aesthetically striking exteriors coupled with innovative interiors – featuring the inventive use of space and light – are hallmarks of McIntyre Capron’s designs. Mindful of the lifestyle of today’s family, our homes and renovations emphasize open floorplans and easy circulation. Large kitchens and family rooms embrace the informal lifestyle of today, while expansive bedroom/bath suites create spa-like environments which offer a respite from the demands of modern living" is right up my alley. I've also included a few of their projects in the works to include a beautiful European inspired home and a wonderful shingle style home as well! Beautiful! Enjoy!


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  1. Hi Liz, what a gorgeous post!! I too love southern architects and in general southern style.....traditional, classic and sooo elegant! Thanks for the intro! Happy 2012!


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