03 January, 2012


What is it about the California-based Bliss Interior and Home Design that I'm drawn to? Is it the soft, cool, color palettes of their coastal chic designs that are so California to me? Or is it Ohara Davies-Gaetano's (lead designer) respect for the past, while looking toward and being excited about the future of interior design, evident in all her work? When I found Bliss Design on my visit to California last winter, I had no idea that I'd already fallen in love with their work via my blog header (see the upper left image).  So, finding their store front in the idyllic little town of Corona Del Mar, and marveling at their fantastic space filled with delights at every turn was, dare I say, pure 'bliss'?  Enjoy!

images above courtesy of http://www.blissdesignfirm.com/ 

 Last (13) images are from my iphone within Bliss Design in Corona Del Mar, CA. 


  1. What a beautiful post and all this while I am listening to my all time favorite song!! Yes, we really must be soul sisters...Hermes, Louis Armstrongs' What a wonderful world, Gorsuch, admiration for Bliss Designs....its all good and really is a wondeful world!
    Beautiful...wishing you a happy and healthy 2012!

  2. What a gorgeous post. I cannot get enough of the white living room with beautiful touches of blue and the perfectly arranged bookcases...fabulous!!


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