07 August, 2009

Garden Wall Adornments

AKA trellises, trellises, trellises! I love these outdoor pieces and cannot get enough of those at Yardiac.com. As summer is nearing its end, I am getting my garden in order for next year and beginning to make plans for future outdoor projects. After six years of tinkering and planting and experimenting in my gardens, I decided it was time to get serious and figure out what I really want out of my backyard. While we have a beautiful paver patio and surrounding borders of boxwoods, hydrangeas and seasonal flowers, I think its time to bring in the professionals. So, my husband and I will be getting a master plan from Peter @ Fort Hill Estates here in Huntington next week and I am so excited! In addition to our quest to add a pool, we realize we need someone who at this point can provide us the big picture - a master plan if you will. Peter is the perfect landscape designer for this plan and our yard. I would love to have him work in some of the trellises from Yardiac and am in love with this one in particular that I saw out in Southampton two years ago. There has got to be a place for this somewhere don't you agree?

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