24 February, 2012

Wire Brushed Oak

Enjoying a look I've seen more and more lately.  While I've seen wire brushed oak flooring around for awhile, I see the finish being used more and more on furnishings. Wire brushed oak finishes are oak treated with ammonia and wire-brushed to pull out the grain.  I've seen Phoebe Howard use this on several kitchens, including her own Hamptons kitchen and the Coastal Living kitchen and loved it. Phoebe referred to the finish that Andrew Howard used in the Coastal Living Idea House kitchen as fumed oak cabinets.  I've also been seeing this used on entertainment cabinets and loved the light, airy look.    Enjoy!

Designed by Ray Booth


  1. Hi there...looks so pretty! A friend of mine just did this combination, painted with oak and it looks great! Thanks for stopping by...and for your comment. I am not opening a storefront, only an online store! Will keep you posted but totally agree on your synopsis of Long Island stores, slim pickings!

    1. Isn't this so nice and airy looking? I've got such an open floor plan. That whatever I do needs to be able to flow into my living spaces and I think this might fit the bill ;) so excited for your online store! Congratulations again - fabulous idea ;)


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