06 April, 2011

martha does easter right

Say what you will; Martha Stewart is a genius when it comes to the Easter holidays.  There is something in her ability to incorporate her gardening skills with her design talent that creates stunning vignettes for this particular holiday.  Only Halloween can come close to the magic she works at Easter.  Enjoy!



  1. First thank you for loving me! I am sooo flattered! Second...you are so right, say what you will, Martha is a pure genius..no ands if or buts. I was about to say that first picture of the green basket is the single prettiest "Easter-y" picture I have ever seen then I started scrolling down and picked one and then another and then another.....geez..if anyone needs convincing that this woman just rocks the home decorating universe..please tell them to have a look at these pictures. Enough said! Have a great night:)

  2. thank you so much Tina! you rock too! ooohhh, just remembered, it's thursday! Time to jump on over to your 'Enchanted Home' weekly update! ;)

  3. Yes, gotta love these Easter decorations!!
    xo Cathy

  4. so pretty...love the silver basket!

  5. Hi I totally agree Martha does do Easter and mostly everything else so well. I have just joined your blog and I love it! Love the name and header as well and thank-you for joining mine. Have a lovely day
    best wishes


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