23 March, 2011

my intaglios

I love framed intaglios.  They are classic.  A reminder of an elegant time gone by when travelers collected them on Grand Tour to remind them of the marvelous places they had visited.  Many of my favorite designers use them throughout their designs.  Amy Morris, Suzanne Kasler, Phoebe Howard, Jackye Lanham, Liz Williams and so many more use these beautiful framed intaglios in almost every area of their designs -- they are so versatile.  Yet, I can't justify paying huge amounts of money for them.  I change my mind too frequently when it comes to my home's decor.  I've learned that lesson the expensive way, and have way too many framed pictures sitting in my storage area that I once loved and had to have.  But, my love for intaglios hasn't waivered throughout the last several years, and I think I will always find them useful in any place in my home.  One night I began to wonder how I could incorporate them into my home for a more reasonable price.  I began looking online and came across a company in the UK called Plastercraft.  For an unbelieveably low cost, I was able to purchase an enormous amount of plaster intaglios that rival any of those I've seen in stores or online.  I was so excited, thinking it was too good to be true.  When they arrived yesterday, I squealed with delight.  They are exactly what was advertised and are gorgeous.  So, I am off to begin my intaglio diy project. I plan on glazing them either a soft brown or grey and then using my handy glue gun and browsing through my local craft store for beautiful silver gilt frames and mats.  Here are some of my favorites and what I'm hoping for in the end result.  Enjoy!
This first grouping is my all time favorite by Jon Freeman of Tiberian Design Framed Intaglios, aren't they simply gorgeous!? These are my 'gold standard' by which to measure all other intaglios.  These signed originals use original 18th & 19th century intaglios and handcrafted frames. Even more amazing, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes to a charitable cause-wow.  Thanks for letting me share - they are timeless!


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