27 July, 2010

payard rises again in nyc!

As many of you know, I was very disheartened when Payard Patisserie closed its doors last year due to the loss of its lease.  How very sad it was that I could no longer bring those pastries, which I considered works of art, home to my friends and family from my day trips to the great city.  Well,  good news!  Fran├žois Payard has not only opened a chocolate bar, but is also due to open a bakery this Summer!  He has been very busy! Fran├žois Chocolate Bar is located at 714 Madison Avenue on the 4th floor of Mauboussin. You must enter through Mauboussin and take the elevator to the 4th floor.  And, by the looks of what Chef Payard has created, it is well worth the trip!  Described as “a chocolate jewelry shop,” the store is devoted to Chef Payard’s chocolate creations.  And, of course, can I say I love the interiors?  Simple, elegant, and the hues of browns are lucious enough to match Chef Payard's creations.  Chef Payard's bakery is due to open on West Houston Street this Summer and I hope they keep to their schedule so that I have yet another reason to go downtown.  Enjoy!

All Images Courtesy of http://www.fcchocolatebar.com/gallery.htm.

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