25 July, 2010

The Hampton Designer Showhouse 2010

What better place to be on a hot, steamy Long Island night than in Sag Harbor for the Hampton Designer Showhouse 2010 Gala Preview Party presented by Traditional Home.  With a full moon and a slight breeze, hundreds of design enthusiasts, and many others, took in the beautiful interiors, and exteriors for that matter, of the 2010 showhouse.  And can I say wallcoverings, wallcoverings, and more wallcoverings?!  This seemed to be the highlight of the evening for many of the rooms we enjoyed!  Grasscloth, linens, crushed granites with shimmer, and beautiful strie lacquered walls, coupled with 3d venetian plasters by Boris Abromovich of Couture Interiors made for a sensory lover's dream.  Couture Interiors has been doing showhouses since 1998 and they seem to have it down pat!  Purple reigned surpreme in many of the spaces as well!  Wonderfully muted shades of lavender and eggplant were used so beautifully that it has me rethinking purples once again! Lillian August stole my heart in the master bedroom with their mirrored four poster bed and a design that was "envisioned as a serene getaway for a jet set couple...from the cool, chic color palette to the gleaming decadence of the antique mirrored decor." So relaxing, I can't wait till they open their new store in NYC!  Shimmering venetian plasters, gilt ceilings, combined with simple wood finishes and a classic kitchen by Bakes and Company makes this home a wonderful place for anyone to move into pronto!  The exteriors were equally beautiful and enjoyed, if not more so, by all in attendance due to the entertainment and cool beverages.  The side porch by diSalvo Interiors of Oyster Bay was beautifully done in Trina Turk Peacock Sunbrella fabric and Keith Mazzei's shower space was wonderfully inviting on this hot night.  Thanks also to Traditional Home for sending me their Weekly Update Newsletter highlighting how "Showhouses are chock full of ideas. Steal shamelessly from two showhouse beach homes—one with European flair, the other color-drenched. Plus tour an Atlanta family home and a gallery of wallscapes!"  Definitely a Weekly Update worth getting and they couldn't be more correct!  As many of us showhouse lovers know, they are wonderful places to get new ideas and see up and coming design trends!  For video of the Showhouse during construction visit this site.  This video is courtesy of Design 2 Share and gives you a good idea of the beautiful millwork that went into making this Hamptons house special.  This is video of the completed showhouse courtesy of Newsday.com.  One of my favorite internet journalists was there as well on Saturday night to capture the fun. New York Social Diary got some great shots of the designers and their rooms and you can see by a couple of the pictures, just how hot it really was!  Yes, that is a very wet shirt on Mark Copeland!   Here's to another great showhouse!  Enjoy!

Image Courtesy of http://www.traditionalhome.com/.

The Hampton Designer Showhouse 2010
129 Stoney Hill Road
Sag Harbor, NY
Open Daily Monday to Sunday
July 25 to September 5
11AM to 5PM
Admission is $30 and includes a Journal.
Tickets may be purchased at the door or may be purchased in advance (click here).
No admission 30 minutes before closing.
No strollers, infants, children under 6, or pets are admitted.
House built by Frank Bodenchak of Edge Real Estate

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