11 March, 2009

This Strange New Land!

Well, I am addicted. I admit it. I spend way too much time reading design blogs and oohing and aahing (is that a word?) over the beautiful images and laughing at the talented, witty writings that I see and read on my favorite blogs. I am also addicted to shelter mags, just ask my other, better half - I am so bad, that sometimes I buy the same magazine twice, not realizing I have it at home already. So, I figure that while the time is right (freezing cold temps still grip the North Shore of Long Island), I would attempt to help debunk the myth that Long Island is full of 'mica' and smokey mirrors, and every other pre-conceived notion that exists regarding the style of my fellow inhabitants of my home for the last 15 years. Hope you enjoy the ride and that I might be able to post images, ideas, and writings that inspire and motivate or to simply enjoy!

1 comment :

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    A place to dream, explore and to discover.
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