11 March, 2009

From Levittown To The Hamptons

We've come a long way from the Levitt houses of the 1950's to the multi-million dollar homes that are still being built in the Hamptons. Our Gold Coast history is steeped in blue blood names and massive mansions, many of which could not escape the ravages of time and taxes (see one of my favorites http://www.oldlongisland.com/). Our architectural landscape is as diverse as our population. Driving the length of Long Island, one can see stucco with heavily ornate moldings to match, alongside a 1950's Cape Cod and more contemporary renditions, culminating in farm land transformed to wineries and the classic "Hamptons Style" homes out East. We are truly a diverse community in more ways than one and our style reflects it in each and every way.
For more images of Levittown in it's early days, see this NY Times Slideshow. http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2007/10/12/nyregion/20071013_LEVITTOWN_SLIDESHOW_index.html

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