10 July, 2011

party all the time

What kind of mommy would I be, if while busily planning parties for those around me, to not plan a birthday party for my 7-year old twins?  They love having their birthday at the pool each year where we are members.  We've done this for a few years running, keeping it very casual with cupcakes from my local Cupcake Gourmet and chicken tenders and fries from the snack bar.   While it's "always" very hot and a little unruly -- the kids have a blast and the parents enjoy relaxing around the pool with a beautiful view out to the harbor.  There was no question when I saw this beautiful nautical themed invite from Party Box Design just 10 days before their party, that I knew I had to do something around this awesome design!  Unfortunately, our pool has many restrictions on what we can, and more often, cannot bring into the pool area - no glass, no food, no anything really - but, I endeavored to make it just a bit more special this year while adhering to the many rules the club has to keep everyone safe and happy.  Thanks to all my wonderful party friends out there who helped make it a bit more bearable in the 90+ degrees heat and humidity!  We melted, but thankfully nothing else did and in all the rush, all I forgot to pack in the supply box was the crinkle grass for the buckets.  P.S. the kids didn't even notice! Enjoy!

Party Friends Amazing Work:
Party Box Design for nautical themed invite and all paper party decor
Paper Polaroid on Etsy for Pinwheels
Beau-Coup for mini gumball machine
Sugar and Flour on Etsy for yummy sugar cookies
Pushpop containers from CupKates Event Design on Facebook
Straw Flags from Loralee Lewis on Etsy



  1. WHAT A DREAMY PARTY!! Can I back as your child in my next life? What a wonderfully elegant party...I love every detail and being very detail oriented myself..you are a gal after my own heart!!! I know Huntington yacht club, good frirends and my brother in law used to have their boats there!~ Small world.....looks like a smash of a party...hope it was enjoyed by all. GREAT JOB!

  2. Thank you so much Tina -- I am so glad to FINALLY be able to access my google acct and the blog -- you've been on my mind to respond to your lovely comments to my last posts -- but for some reason I was unable to respond to any comments whatsoever or do any posting!! ;( My hubby thought I was losing my mind, as I was spending days trying to load pictures over and over and respond to comments with no success. Thanks so much for your positive remarks, your blog is an inspiration and so beautiful that it makes my day each time I read it. And yes, it truly is a small world! Thanks again and have a great evening! -- Liz

  3. What an absolutely adorable party...love every detail from the cupcakes to the straws to the precious bubble gum machine. Your twins must have been in heaven!!


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