09 June, 2011

EA just keeps getting better and better

I'm not sure what is going on over at Ethan Allen these past two years, but wow!  They have really kicked it up a notch!  I'm loving their big glossy booklets that I get in the mail and their entirely new look.  Now, all you interior design purists, don't jump all over me -- everyone still needs a little guidance even when presented with gorgeous rooms like these shown below that arrived in my mailbox flyer today.  Buying gorgeous furniture pieces is one thing, bringing it all together to suit a particular space and invidual's needs is entirely another.  Enjoy!



  1. THAT'S Eathan Allen? Wow I am surprised! I love what you featured, just gorgeous! I also love that you put me on your sidebar..thanks soooo much!!!! Funny I was thinking about your blog the other day, wondering if you were still blogging, glad that you are! Thanks for the heads up about EA.....I agree they have really kicked it up several notches.Looking good!

  2. I completely agree. I was surprised when I saw some of their furniture in an ad...it's wonderful!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

  3. Isn't it just a fun find, such a happy surprise ;) Good to see EA is trying to change their image/inventory to keep up and not just survive, but thrive.


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