02 April, 2015

WARNING: Life is Not a Vignette

Warning. These pictures are not staged. There are no props, no books stacked with things the reader finds so annoying that it deters them, no vignettes that are magazine ready. Life is not a vignette. I design for people, for families, for those who live in their spaces; not merely those who want a showroom for display. I want life to occur in every nook and cranny. I want wear and tear, I want the kids technology along side marble, silver, worn woods, and art of all kinds. I want design to be liveable, real, and not my ideal of perfection, but yours. When I donate my time & energy for a showhouse space, I want it real, lived in, things the person in that space would find fun, useful, and pretty. When I create a design for a home, I want it to be your dream, your vision - not mine.

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