10 February, 2013

I'll tell you when I get there....

Over the past few weeks, I've read many blogger posts about prioritizing one's design business, one's life, and many other things.  Many of these inspirational thoughts and ideas have included what mistakes have been made over the past year, and how they will change things for the better in the upcoming months.  Refocus, reorganize and make what is important count.  Something that seems to be consistent throughout all these motivational thinkings aloud has been that the passion for design has been overridden by business.  How to run the business more effectively, how to make clients happy, how to maximize hours in the day, how to handle the little things that grow a design business.  "Growing a design business" - this is what scares me as a burgeoning designer.  I use that word because I am just beginning to "put forth young shoots and bud" - so it suits me.  ;)  While I am confident in my design abilities, the business end of design seems to be a ruthless (perhaps too strong a word) perhaps daunting task.  Yes, I am well versed in the usage of design managing software and accounting programs, and have a strong background in project management - all of which are key in this field.  But, this nagging feeling that I will get lost in growing a business and lose sight of what got me started in the first place; a love of design, of helping clients create a place that make them happy, a place where they will make lifelong memories and a refuge in this crazy world.  I might be na├»ve, but I always want to remember that I changed careers, went back to school to study design without neglecting four children and a husband, waited patiently for the 'right time' to return to work full time, and followed my heart because I love designing spaces for people.  I love creating something for someone who will walk through the door and feel peace and happiness - smiling that they are home and loving where they are.  While I'm still in the early stages of my design journey, and know that my education will never truly be done - just like a great home should never ever be done and should always be changing with you - I know that as long as I remember why I'm doing this, it will never be work, and will remain a privilege to be invited into someone's home to create a great space.  Enjoy a few, a tiny fraction, of my all-time favorite spaces, places & things!





  1. very beautiful and inspiring pics!!

  2. What a great read. Don't be overwhelmed. There are wonderful systems you can set into play to relieve some of your concerns. Would be happy to help. All the best!

  3. beautiful photos! thanks for sharing!
    Greetings from Stuttgart/Germany


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