25 July, 2012

Agate Everywhere!

I haven't attended this summer's NYIGF yet (runs August 18-22), but I'm sure I'll see a lot of agate! While I've seen it being used on counter tops and for larger pieces of furnishings and structural accents (such as fireplace surrounds) in the last year; I feel as if it's popping up everywhere on everything from artwork to lighting and other accessories!  It reminds me of the classic bookends I'd give my dad on Father's Day way back when. Enjoy!

Uncommon Goods Photo Frames
Viva Terra Agate Plates and Coasters

Emporium Eclipse Agate Chandelier
Matching Sconce

Things That Inspire Framed Agates

Willy Daro Bronze Agate Lamp Circa 1970s

Oprah List Bookends
Aimee's Rock Works Coasters from Etsy

Concetto Blue Agate Slab from Caesarstone

Taylor LLorente Bronze Agate Tables
Brenda Houston Agate Root Table
Agate Bookends from West Elm
Agate Phone Case
Dkor Interiors Blue Agate Walls
Brenda Houston Agate Accessories

1 comment :

  1. I think it is so gorgeous in all ways, but I cannot get over the chandelier...stunning!!


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