26 December, 2011

time flies

'oh, the places you'll go...' One of my favorite Dr. Seuss lines for sure -- and I've been many places since what seems like just a few weeks ago!  The first 16 weeks of a new school year are always the busiest time of year for my family and I.   We become consumed by school work, drs. appts., sports commitments, parties, and making sure my hubby and I get a minute or two as well for ourselves.  We threw in a bit of travel this Fall to Bermuda to visit family, and our yearly trek to Disney World, as well my husband's work travel.  Halloween has come and gone, as have the other 'big two' holidays of the year, and we celebrated them all joyfully & with beautiful mild weather in tow.  Yet, amidst all our many blessings, and in the spirit of something's gotta give; my little blog has fallen by the wayside.  But, I'm back.  So, catching up here a bit-- our annual halloween party was on a much smaller scale this year, but just as enjoyable.  The weather was beautiful and the kids had fun as always.  The pumpkin pasta was a huge hit, as well as the bouncy house - although, I think after six years, or so, we've gotten our monies worth and it's time to be disposed of.  The beautiful flowers from Main Street Nursery here in Huntington, were amazing as always. Lisa never dissapoints.  And, our beautiful, hand-painted owl sugar cookies, which were inspired by our vintage owl invitations, were a huge hit as well.  The delectable cookies were by Lisa Stone at The Cookie Jar -- they were soooo soft, they melted in your mouth.  Our boo-tiful graphics were by Loralee Lewis from Etsy -- Loralee also never fails to be the ultimate perfectionist.   Here are a few pics from our 8th annual halloween/harvest celebration with family and friends. Enjoy! 


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