15 February, 2011

chicken or the egg? which came first to Atlanta?

I love Atlanta.  At least the area that I was lucky enough to see during my trip down to the Cathedral Antiques Show & Tour of Homes.  Which, by the way is a whole different post some day.  Almost all of my favorite designers, architects, and bloggers are based out of Atlanta.  It is also home to the most amazing collection of furnishing showrooms and antique stores.  Which always makes me ask; what came first to Atlanta? The great shops and showrooms, or the amazing duo of designers and architects?  I flew down to Atlanta for the day and the Tour of homes, the last weekend in January. As it was a Sunday, when everything is closed, I wasn't able to check out all that Atlanta had to offer. So, I will be returning to make some serious observations (I would say shopping, but that would scare my better half) that I wasn't able to do this last trip.  Here is my most current list of places to go upon my return!  I think I need at least 3 days sans children to be completely inspired.  What do you think?

Places to inspire any lover of design or beauty in Atlanta
(Thanks to Holly, from Things That Inspire, for her wonderful suggestions to get me started!)
ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center)
Galleries of Peachtree Hills
The Stalls
Bungalow Classic
Urban Electric Company
Linda Horsley Antiques
Mrs. Howard
Max and Company
Scotts Antique Market
Lovetrain Antiques
South of Market
A. Tyner
Atlanta History Center - Swan House, 1920's, Philip Shutze; architect
Driving Tour through Buckhead, again.
Dine at Abbatoir
Dine at Miller Union
Go back to Corner Bakery Cafe for more crunchy, honey banana oatmeal!
Stay at Westin Peachtree Plaza -  the Western Hemisphere’s largest.

Also check out these websites for fun facts about Atlanta.
http://www.atlanta.net/50fun/  Atlanta.net

Please feel free to send me any additional names of places that I might enjoy! 

P.S. In answer to my own question about which came first.  ADAC and AmericasMart have been in Atlanta since the early 1960's, essentially the heart of the Southeastern interior design trade.  And since Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport provides access to 80% of the U.S. population within two hours, this makes it an ideal spot for the design trade and the abundance of extrememly talented designers and architects. There is also no denying that a southerner's love of home and entertaining plays a huge part of all that is the Atlanta design world.  They didn't coin the phrase "Southern Hospitality" for just any reason.


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