09 November, 2010

huntington historical house tour 2010

This house tour should satisfy my craving for all things historical and festive in my beautiful town of Huntington. I especially look forward to enjoying my favorite, the Bunce home! What history and beauty in one!  It will be a busy week! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 5th, Noon to 4:00
"Houses with a View to History"

The 2010 Holiday Historic House Tour includes five private homes that have been built over the more than 350 years since the first settlement of Huntington. This year's tour includes a house built by the descendants of one of the earliest families to settle in Huntington the Fleet family, in the area now known as Fleet's Cove. Besides this early settlement home, this year will have houses that represent different eras of home building throughout our history. One home with a spectacular water view, built by the J. T. Robb family, will be included in the tour as well as a mid 19th century house owned by several generations of sea captains in Cold Spring Harbor.
See Huntington Historial Society.org for more information. 

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