03 March, 2010

Josiah Wedgwood Would Be So Happy...

to see that we've returned to the great classics of his original designs.  In 2009, Wedgwood created a new line of prestige jasperware based on original Josiah Wedgwood patterns and designs to celebrate their 250th anniversary. Some pieces, like the Portland Vase, date back to 1789! These are glorious, some might say over the top pieces, but I love them and would love to find a spot in my library for just a few of them! I think my favorite is the Prestige Dolphin Pastille Burner, which originally was created in black jasper and is now in taupe and white jasper.  I think what draws me to these pieces most, is knowing that true craftsmanship went into making each and every one of them.  In this day and age of mass manufacturing and spitting things out as fast as the consumer can grab them up, I enjoy looking at things that have the mark of an artist and have staying power - classic. These are exquisite pieces and not for the faint of heart when it comes to the design budget, but true collectors pieces. 

Images Courtesy of Wedgwood USA.

1 comment :

  1. Those pieces are beautiful! Some of them are a little "over the top" for my personal look, but the workmanship is just exquisite!!


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