24 November, 2009

Best New Yorker Blog Ever

Here's something a little off the beaten path, but this morning I found a blog that almost meets all my criteria for best blog ever! If only Jeremiah posted something design related, architectural or interior, it would be perfect. Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, A.K.A The Book Of Lamentations: A Bitterly Nostalgic Look at a City Going Extinct is my perfect wake up blog when I need a good New Yorker laugh or gasp in amazement that he actually posted that! Not only does he post "Everyday Chatter" as it relates to NY, but his "Random Quote from Overheard in New York" is usually priceless. And, for anyone who has watched the charm that is so uniquely New York being sucked out of certain areas that should be left alone, look to Jeremiah's "Vanishing Glossary" to help you define exactly that feeling in your gut when you see another condo going up or a city becoming 'vongerichtified' by a swarm of 'yunnies.' Jeremiah is also a talented photographer who has captured some truly uniques images of New York and its equally unique inhabitants! Note: I've posted his more milder images. Enjoy!

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