13 September, 2009

Off to School, Again!

After having completed enough formal education to make any normal person never want to see the inside of a classroom again, I've decided to return to school! Having safely gotten my three smaller children off to school this past Wednesday; including my littlest ones off to kindergarten, I find myself getting ready for school this morning! I've decided if I truly want to pursue my love of design, I must receive some formal training. For this reason, I enrolled in the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design here on Long Island and hope to expand my knowledge and love of interior design. Metropolitan offers an array of courses for both the novice and the experienced designer. Including the only NYS certified Feng Shui Certificate Program, AutoCAD and an array of other necessary courses. What makes MID unique is that their classes are taught by actively working interior designers and instructors from Parsons and FIT in NYC. I am so excited and can't wait to meet my fellow students who are as crazy about design as I am! Wish me luck!

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