20 July, 2009

Art...A Worthy Investment?

Yes, yes, yes! Nothing is more beautiful than a calming oil landscape, an antique black and white engraving, bronze sculpture, or miniature plein-air oil. Yet, in this day and age, original art is a luxury - no two bones about it. Therefore, I have, on several occasions, successfully approached a local dealer and asked about purchasing artwork on a lay-away plan if you will. So, if your patient and not too proud to ask about being able to put a deposit down to secure a piece, the reward is huge. Any artist or dealer would much prefer to move their pieces, rather than having them sit around for an extended period of time. I'm convinced, owning one-of-a-kind, original artwork doesn't only enhance your home, but your life. My favorite artists, that I return to again and again are J. Michael Kennedy and Trish Hurley. I try to add little pieces of art all around my home and have even purchased great pieces from Horchow that are reproduction pieces in fabulous frames. I am also a huge fan of architectural watercolors from Michael Hampton and love the Chinoiserie works of Harrison Howard. Let me know your favorite artists!

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