11 March, 2009

My Obsession With Mr. & Mrs. Howard

Never before have I been able to look at a designer's portfolio and honestly been able to say that I LOVE EVERYTHING they have done! Every room setting, arrangement, fabric, flower/accessory choice, light fixture, rug, piece of art simply screams at me when I visit Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper or the Howard's interior design websites. While I love color, bright and vivid, I think I appreciate the calm and serenity of creams, neutrals, and soft beach hues and Mrs. Howard and Max and Company have proven that to me with each and every image posted between their websites and blog. You must visit and I am hoping to visit in person at the end of the month on a trip to Florida. If not then, I might just grab a girlfriend and fly down to their Charlotte store when it opens! I simply must have a sunburst mirror above my bed! Give yourself at least an hour to appreciate all the beautiful images on their websites -- the craftsmanship of the millwork and carpentry at James Howard's website is mind blowing! Above is just an example. Enjoy!

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