09 April, 2013

Gatsby Styled

I can't wait until The Great Gatsby comes to the theatre May 10! I'm as excited about the wonderful sets and designs as I am the actual portrayals of Gatsby and Daisy.  Being a huge fan of art deco design and of course, the whole notion of the Long Island's Gold Coast that F. Scott Fitzgerald was portraying, what's not to like? In Luhrmann's movie, Daisy's home was based on Old Westbury and Gatsby's was based on Oheka Castle. Love, love, love!  Here's a sneak peak from Architectural Digest - Enjoy!

  All Images Courtesy of www.architecturaldigest.com



  1. I am so excited as well and so proud of Australian director Baz Lurhmann. That period in history was so elegant and gorgeous and I can't wait to see the film! Beautiful post!
    best wishes

  2. I will be at the theater the 1st day. Just perfect.


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