11 July, 2012

Meant to Live British

I can never seem to escape my local pharmacy without grabbing the most recent British Homes & Gardens.  It gives me such joy to read, and provides me with splendid fantasies as to how I'd live if I won the elusive lottery and finally bought that quaint Cotswold stone cottage with the beautiful rambling rose filled, pea gravel garden. This month was especially enticing as they were highlighting the 'Best of British' - what's not to love? From the opening images of bespoke kitchens (I just love their use of the word 'bespoke' at every turn) to the final pages of advertisements for orangeries and conservatories; it makes me happy.
Sir John Soane, Robert Adam, Nancy Lancaster, Chatsworth, ancient limestone, flagstone, collected pieces - it all makes me smile.  Nina Campbell; who had the honor of working with John Fowler, said it best when asked to describe British style.  She replied: "British style is about longevity and it is about comfort....a well-designed room should not shout at you when you enter - it is about creating a place for good conversation and relaxation."  As Britain's oldest decorating magazine, launched in 1919, Homes & Gardens is very familiar with longevity.  Here are a few of the wonderfully British things in this months edition that I covet.  You really should pick up a copy as there are so many images of lavish gardens & comfy homes, I can't possibly scan/copy them all! Enjoy!

Vale Garden Houses
Cavendish Stone
Chelsea Summerhouses

Bespoke Lighting

Martin Moore & Company kitchens - simplicity and function at its finest. These kitchens and floors are to die for!  Martin Moore also does stone fireplaces and fire baskets.  But, that is a posting completely on its own and for Chesneys!

Smallbone of Devizes - another gorgeous bespoke cabinetry firm.  Beautiful. 

Chesney's Contemporary & Historical Fireplaces.  My favorite go to for gorgeous fireplace surrounds & baskets.

Mirrored Garden Gates - Can you believe these are mirrors and not actual gates?
Balineum Towels - whats not to love?

Tree Swings
Radiator Cabinets

A few of my favorite images from this month. British Homes & Gardens.

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