02 May, 2011

back to reality

Six weeks of planning, scouring the web for all kinds of unique goodies, and much attention to detail paid off Friday with our Royal Wedding Watch Breakfast.  I say 'our' because it was truly a family effort to pull it all together; including my 12 year-old son helping me pick up the wedding cake from Madame Butterfly Cakes in Babylon Village the evening prior to the royal wedding.  But, my friends and I had such fun and the morning was well worth the time and effort, with everyone smiling and laughing and truly enjoying each other's company.  As always, it was so worth it. :) We even made Newsday, a large publication here on Long Island serving over 1 million residents.  Having said all that, my heart goes out to those down South who are experiencing the sorrow of loss and the pain of having endured the terrible devastation caused by the tornadoes this past week and I keep in my mind the flooding that is feared in more parts of those states.  My jubilation that one of the world's most feared terrorists has now met his demise causes me both a sense of relief and a heightened awareness of what may lie ahead.  These truly are amazing times in which we live.  I hope the images from our royal wedding watch breakfast will provide you a moment to stop and enjoy.
the guests of honor
welcoming my guests
Lisa @ Main Street Nursery did an amazing job, as usual, on the flowers
letterpress breakfast menu from Sarah Ridgley @ Etsy
table display
cake from Micheline at Madame Butterfly Cakes
breakfast table

petit fours also made by Micheline
berries & cream fit for a princess
almost ready to go
letterpress favor cards from Sarah Ridgley @ Etsy
enjoying mimosas and girl time 
tea anyone?

enjoying tea and a wedding; anything better?
always a good day for pearls 
that special moment 
so much fun

the wonderful Mr. LIS
keeping it simple

peonies & china from the Royal Collection @ Buckingham Palace

more beautiful peonies, are there ever enough?

tulipiere from Abigails.net with parrot tulips on mantle; classic
of course, we removed and froze the top tier for 2012
it's the little details....
(Buckingham Palace, Royal Collection Wedding Souvenir) 
that count.
(Prince Charles', 'Highgrove Estate' Royal Wedding Souvenir)
'the ring' 
my wonderful tea cozies from Diane Tubb Designs @ Etsy and MiniMade @ Etsy

let the clean-up begin



  1. This is GORGEOUS!! You did such an amazing job....fit for royalty! Your tulipiere (LOVE Abigails"s)has me drooling and your table setting stunning...and those peonies..wow! You really outdid yourself. Lovely affair. You did the royals proud!

  2. What fun! Everything looked fabulous! Looks like you all had the best seat in the house to watch the affair. :) Lucky friends. xo

  3. This is my kind of party...such gorgeous attention to detail and you look stunning!!


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