03 February, 2011

the gold coast of long island, classic

I've hit the jackpot! After visiting one of my favorite Long Island blogs, Old Long Island, I found two more fabulous blogs about amazing historical homes and designs on Long Island! Zach, who is the author of Old Long Island, is a dedicated historic preservationist who documents all that is interesting about our Gold Coast mansions, their owners, architects and many other cool tidbits along the way.  He's collected images and documents on over 290 estates that are absolutely fascinating.  I visit Old Long Island at least twice a week to see what Zach has found and posted.  What strikes me about the homes is how timeless the architecture, and when lucky enough to see; the interiors, truly are.  It's like looking inside a town home on the upper east side today -- timeless design.  I think it was my love of these old gold coast homes with their classic designs that led me to my love of interior design. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing history and jump at the chance to attend any show house or tour of homes that includes homes of historical or architectural significance.  And, when that can't happen, Zach and Old Long Island come to the rescue.  Thanks to Zach, the two blogs that I'm adding to my list of favorites are Houses of the Hamptons by Gary Lawrance, AIA from Stony Brook, New York of the firm: Lawrance Architectural Presentations and Mansions of the Gilded Age also authored by Gary Lawrance. For anyone who loves architectural history or simply has a love of the gold coast history here on Long Island, these are the blogs for you!  Thanks Zach and Gary for all your hard work and please continue so that we may all enjoy and learn! Gary has recently posted an amazing article from LIFE magazine about the North Shore of LI in 1946 that is so worth the read, almost as much for its entertainment value as its historical 'perspective' shall we say. To read the text on the LIFE pages, click on the images below and view at about 200% depending on your monitor.  I've posted the magazine pages, as well images from some of the amazing old gold coast estates that both Gary and Zach have written about on their blogs.  Enjoy!

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  1. Wouldn't it be fun to stroll through those beauties?!


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