22 February, 2011

corona del mar - OC's jewel

How pleased was I to find Corona del Mar today on our family vacation to California?  It made my day to see the beautiful little town that I had been looking for since arriving in Cali.  Lining the small, character filled streets were the perfect combination of dining, interiors, art, landscaping and other wonderful little jewels that every small village should have.  The HearthstoneJackson-Newman Interiors, Jacqueline Nicholas Architectural Hardware, Bliss Home & Design were just a few of the wondeful places to visit.  Bliss Home & Design has been California's premier source for unique luxury furnishings and award winning interior design services since 1972 -- and it is amazing.  A must see.  The Hearthstone has carried Orange County's largest selection of modern, classic--and ESPECIALLY antique, "period piece" fireplace accessories since 1967.  Just beautiful.  For over 43 years, Frank Jank and his son, Mike have meticulously handpicked these one of a kind items from countries like Italy, France and Great Britain as well as America.  Jackson Newman Interiors caught my eye immediately, as did Jacqueline Nicholas Architectural Hardware.  Jacqueline Nicolas founded J. Nicolas in 1987, after several of her residential design clients needed to add some magical charm to their custom homes. When visiting Jacqueline's studio you can capture a trip down a quaint boulevard in France. Weathered shutters and windows are stylishly dressed in her imported hardware. If you ever get the chance to visit Corona del Mar - do so.  Don't forget to give yourself several hours to enjoy the beauty of this small jewel in OC.  Enjoy!

image via The Hearthstone


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