28 February, 2011

bermuda's oldest paint store

Loving these images from Rowe Spurling Paint Co. website in Bermuda.  I've always appreciated Bermuda homes for using color in a way that takes full advantage of the beautiful sunlight and natural colors in the surrounding environment.  And although all of these images may not be from designs originated in Bermuda, they are a reflection of the clean lines, strong colors, and classic design found throughout the island.  Couldn't resist the boat images as well.  Enjoy!



  1. Great images for sure....love the boat. The brightness of the gold damask against the rich grey walls makes a striking image.

  2. My husband and I own Rowe Spurling Paint Co., Ltd. in Bermuda and we couldn't be more flattered that you chose to add us to your blog. We certainly are a very colourful people. Thank you again. Karolina De Costa


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