09 November, 2010

making the new, old...or trying to add character

My long term goal for our 7-year old, builder spec home is to give it character.  Or, as my son says, make it look old.  My most recent attempt at this is by shopping for vintage newel posts.  You know, the base post for your staircase that sits at the very bottom of the steps? As my staircase is the first thing visitors see upon entering my front door, I've wanted since day 1, to create an entry with a newel post that says 'wow!'  I've found some gorgeous mahogany posts that brim with character with their softly rubbed finishes and huge, knobby turned posts.  But, trying to find someone to install one is the current issue I am facing.  No one will return my phone calls!  Ug!  What to do! Keep on trying, and I am sure I will find someone who won't charge me a ton of money for something I know is fairly simple.  Right?!

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