22 July, 2010

So Much Talent, So Little Time

I must apologize for my lack of entries these past few months.  I've been overwhelmingly busy with drafting projects and design projects, and well, life in general!  And, as I always say, 'it's all good!'  What I've come to realize over the past few months, while absent from my own blog, is that there is soooo much blogger talent out there, that I am continually finding amazing designers and artists in the most amazing places!  As you can see, I have a list of my favorite blogs.  But, in no way does it include my new favorites I've discovered since creating my original list.  Which is a shame.  I find myself reading my favorites each day and getting re-directed to other, ever more fascinating new blogs that become my 'new' favorites, and my list grows each and every day.  My husband keeps telling me (or is that yelling to me) that I cannot have so many shortcuts on my desktop to all my favorite blogs.  But, they are so informative and so fun.  To see all the talent and creativity out there is truly motivating and enjoyable.  Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for keeping me so distracted and letting me see things that I would never otherwise enjoy or to which I would never be exposed.  Here's to the blogging world and more hours in the day to explore all my favorites!
P.S. My new favorite blogs for this week are At Home In Arkansas and Gramercy Fine Linens & Furnishings. I love the inaugural blog of The Traveling Designer with Tobi Fairley from At Home and the beautiful images from Gramercy make me want to redo every space in my home.  So much fun and who would have thought? Enjoy!

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