12 January, 2010

New Fav Show: A Moment of Luxury!

Cablevision and Scripps, your loss is my gain! For those Long Islanders who have Cablevision as a provider, you can understand my pain about losing HGTV and Food Network. Yet, I found something to replace Cablevision and Scripps "unwillingness and inability to settle their multi-million dollar differences!" It's called public television! I had forgotten what excellent programming my local public channels offered and have found new programs like A Moment of Luxury with Interior Designer Bill Stubbs. Yes, the name may not be glamorous, but Bill is "one of the Architectural Digest “AD 100” list of the World’s Top Designers and Architects," and Bill Stubbs has been president of William W. Stubbs and Associates, an international interior design firm, for more than 25 years." I'd say those are pretty good qualifications for hosting his show which is fabulous and full of fun, glamorous, and useful ideas! A Moment of Luxury can be found on my local WLIW public station and I think will do quite nicely as a replacement for those other shows! And, for those foodies of you, there are lots of great cooking shows! Let's not forget - Julia got her start of those public broadcasting stations!

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