12 March, 2009

What's In My Library?

I always enjoy posts from other blogs talking about what is in everyone's library. Whether they have a physical location they call a library or not, who cares. Any chair, bed, or space that lets you become totally engrossed between the cover of a good book works for me. I also get a good chuckle at some of the pics of the library owners holding their favorite reads. Really, who looks that sexy when curling up with a good book or shelter mag? Is that perfect PR shot really necessary? But, lets not be catty, what matters is that the list of books in my Amazon shopping cart grows and shifts with each new blog because cheesy pic or not, they are fascinating titles and beyond informative. I am very fortunate in that I actually have a formal library which holds my growing collection of books of all types.

With much blood, sweat and some begging and pleading (no tears please, that just doesn't work on my better half) I've been able to transform an unused, large formal dining room into a well used, working library space enjoyed by myself and my children immensely. It is undoubtedly the most well used space in the house. After clipping every picture I could find and making many trips to the local do it yourself warehouse store (which was a complete joke, both price-wise and design wise, which is why they shall remain nameless), I secured several estimates from local carpenters.
A pair of brothers who were just starting a business were able to take all the clippings and many suggestions and give me the library of my dreams. Custom shelving, beautiful moldings, and an open mind to my ideas were just the tip of the iceberg with these guys.
They had never done a space like this, so there was a learning curve for all of us. The result is a room that I know my children and I will be using well into the years. Thanks Steve and Pete of Jaxon Construction, Huntington, NY. Doesn't the dining room look so lonely before renovation?

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